Ultrasonic Label cut and fold machine - YS-5000

Product introduction:

ys-5000 working range

parameters of ys-5000


·       It can be cutting & folding belt materials such as woven label, satin ribbon tape, cloth tape, adhesive tape and etc.

·       Cutting method can be Ultrasonic, hot or cold cut.

·       It is suitable for end fold, mitre fold, dissymmetry fold, centre fold, envelop fold and piece cut.

·       Machine is easy to operate and has superb performance. It is designed especially for with soft labels

·       Fast and smooth operate, speed adjustable

·       Equipped with a photo electronic fault eliminator that can reduce defective cutting and folding to the lowest possible.

·       Easy to change /adjust tooling according to requirements.

detail of ys-5000 ultrasonic label cut and fold machine

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