Table Type CNC Label Cutting machine - YS-6400

Product introduction:

working range of ys-6400


1. YS-6400 is designed for garment or paper label high speed cutting machine.
2. Machine is with developed CNC controller. We can set various label length, label length errors.
3. Label feeding system is with stepless motor drive. Pinch rollers will hold and feed labels to cutting position.
4. The dimension of machine is very small. we can put it over table or any stable area, only with single phase electric power.
5. Label cutting is by cold blades, up and down. it will be also suitable for paper or cotton labels. And we also designed the top cutter with heater bar. for not very high requirements labels, we can apply heat cutting.
6. This machine has no folding function, no ultrasonic. If want, please refer to automatic label cutting and folding machine.
7. When labels are cut down, we can put carton box to collect it. Or we can install optional stacking system at rear side of machine. so that we can get arranged labels.
8. The label cutting machine is with static elimination device after label cut. it will avoid label stick each other by the static electric.
9. We will put spare top blade, spare drive belt in accessory box;
10. With label high speed cutting machine tool kits. operator can find normal tools for daily machine adjustment.
11. We will delivery and pack machine in exporting wood case;
12. You need not to worry about label cutting machine operation training. we will put U-DISC with all operation videos. you can catch it by self. Even with any questions, please contact us. For sure, we will try our best to give you quick supports.
13. According to order quantity, we can do OEM according to dealer requirements. We are looking for deeper cooperation with different countries friends to serve garment label customers.

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