Rotary Label Printing Machine - YS-RB62

Product introduction:

parameters of ys-rb62


1. PLC controlled high speed rotary label printing machine is suitable for various garment label materials;
2. Big diameter rotary cylinder can be suitable for different size labels;
3. Very simple adjusting method will help user get good quality products;
4. We will supply different size printing cylinders according to label length; for same size label, we shall apply same size print cylinders. cylinder numbers will be same to print color numbers; for example, if we want to print 6 different color, we shall use 6 pcs same size cylinders;
5. Printing anilox can be 200, 250, 400, 500 lpi according to printing content;
6. Machine is with heat iron and hot air blow dryer. both methods will make label ink dry quickly. we can select one or both to get good printing quality and speed;
7. We can apply one or two pcs label print at same time. while we suggest to apply two pcs printing for single color or print accuracy not high labels.
8. There are two types color register for rotary label printing machine. No-stop adjustment machine and stop color register type are both available. while stop register type can get more accurate printing performance;
9. YS-RB series label printing machine is suitable for PERFECTOS label ink. the ink is health for people underwear. it is very popular and high quality ink. of course, we also can local made ink to reduce our cost.
10. We will supply machine operation videos with machine.
11. machine will be delivered and packed in one exporting wood case.
12. After label printing machine, we can apply label cutting and folding machine to get final labels.

detail of label rotary printing machine

    during machine running /printing, we can adjust the handle for each colour to adjust the colour position in 360 degree. It will be very convenient adjusting method for screen printing machine. and the print flexo module plate is easy to be changed according to label. Oil tank will have no oil leaking. 

   The printing principle of the Flexo or rotary Label Printing Machine is to transfer the ink from roller to the plate, then from the plate to the printing materials. it can print stablely and with high speed on woven label, Satin weave label and paper rolls. The printing is thick, bright /fresh and stable. Customer can change different printing rollers and can change printing lengt

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