Automatic Garment Label Cutting Machine- YS-4200

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ys-4200 WORKING range

parameters of ys-4200


1. YS-4200 is single functionlabel cutting machine, no folding functions;
2. Suitable printing material can be woven or printed labels;
3. Label base material can be polyester, paper, PVC, various washing labels;
4. Machine is with electric mark tracer and Electromagnetic pusher. We can get accuracy cutting for printing labels;
5. While for woven labels, we equip machine with automatic mechanic pusher. and we supply various size pusher tip according to label width;
6. Label width range can be various, from min 10mm to max 115mm;
7. Operator can set different label length on machine easily;
8. Cutting method can be hot seal cut for polyester labels, like satin, silk and normal washing labels; we also can apply cold blade cut for cotton labels. Greatly it will help users.
9. Machine is with stacking unit. operator can adjust guide width according to actual label width;
10. We can apply counter for working quantity preset. machine will cut and stack labels automatically. while when label number reach set value. machine will stop.
11. Machine operation is very easy. one operator can run several units machines at same time. or he can run label cutting and folding machine either;
12. Because machine is single function machine, We can care less than other cutting and folding machines. but we shall do routine maintenance also, like lubricate moving parts, care more about blade edge.
13. On the other hand, We will supply machine with U-DICS. We will copy all machine operation videos. so buyer need not to worry about training when they get the machine.

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