Standard Label cut and fold machine - YS-3000

Product introduction:

YS-3000 working range

parameters of ys-3000 Machine Characters

1. This machine can cut and fold woven or printed label materials. If customer only work with printed labels, we would like to suggest you YS-6000, CNC Label Ultrasonic cutting and folding machine.

Otherwise, if you have special requirements on label size, please contact us directly for further discussion.

2. Label base material can be satin ribbon, cloth tag, nylon label, adhesive tape and so on.

3. Label Cutting method can be hot or cold. Ultrasonic cutting is an optional. If so, you can refer to YS-5000 machine.

4.  It is suitable for label end fold, mitre fold, dissymmetry fold, centre fold, envelop fold and piece cut.

5.  Machine is easy to operate and has super performance.

6.  It is designed especially for with soft labels.

7.  Fast and smooth operate, speed adjustable.

8.  Machine is equipped with a photo electronic fault eliminator. So it can reduce defective cutting and folding to the lowest possible.

9.  Easy to change /adjust tooling will very helpful for operator every day job.

detail of ys-3000

Automatic label Cutting and Folding Training : 
    1. Customers are welcome to visit our company and train operators in our workshop;
    2. The machine will be shipped completely with exporting wood case; With proper machine quantity, we can arrange engineer to go to customer side for label cutting / folding operation training. 

    1. Machine warrantee term is 12 month after shipment;
    2. With warranty, We will arrange free part replacement by courier to customer. the machine shall be operate under normal procedure and routine maintenance. 

Special label Cutting and Folding:
    1. Welcome to contact us for special label cut and fold development. Our engineer will try best to give solution based on standard tooling and config. 
    2. We will develop non-standard tooling for special label cut and fold. 

    1. Label cutting and folding machine with many mechanic gear and guide. the parts will need machine oil or grease lubrication. Operator shall keep routine lubrication every day, before start the machine. 
    2. Machine has many heating parts. Operator shall be carefully read operation guide before label cutting and folding. 
    3. Stop machine for checking if met any abnormal. take pictures and contact us for trouble shooting. 

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