CNC Ultrasonic Label Cutting machine - YS-6300

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working range of ys-6300

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1. YS-6300 is high speed, ultrasoniclabel cutting machine;

2. Obviously, the machine only has cutting or marking function. there is no folding functions.
3. Computer controlled ultrasonic label cutter maximum output 1000 dozens per hour.
4. Please be noted that the machine is suitable for printed label cutting only.
5. It is with easy and quiet operation.
6. Label print content can be various. So Intelligent label sensor will help user to check and find correct cutting position
7. Ultrasonic cutting will make label edge very smooth.
8. builtin anti-static bar can remove static electric from print labels. It is very normal that label with static after printing. it will affect cutting if without elimination.
9. Programmable single and semi-cut. the machine has label un-coiler and cut label unload conveyor.
10. for the printed label, there can be some scrap every section, it's printed label defect. It is because rolling label printing machine's design principle. if roller's circumference can't be divided by label length, there will be the scrap label.  Our CNC controlledultrasonic label cutting machinecan make any length label and can blow away the scrap label automatically by compressed air.
11. Transmission station is with belt. working speed is adjustable. At the end of machine, we can put carton box to collect finished labels.
12. We equipped label cutting machine with famous ultrasonic system, including generator, horn and cutter.
13. Ultrasonic cutter can be sharpen by grinding. It is with two cutting edges, will work for big quantity cutting.
14. When we delivery the machine, we will pack it in exporting wood case. Plastic fill will cover outside of the machine. so that we can prevent moisture during ocean shipment.
We will delivery spare parts and tool kits with machine. it will help user convenient in daily use.

detail of ys-6300 ultrasonic label cutting machine

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