CNC Ultrasonic Label Cutting machine - YS-6300

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Characters: Ultrasonic, faulty label eliminating function
     computer controlled untrasonic label cutter maximum output 1000 dozens per hour. The machine is suitable for printed lable cutting. Easy and quiet operation. intelligent label sensor. builtin anti-static bar. Programmable single and semi-cut. the machine has label uncoiler and cut label unload conveyor. the cut label can be woven on the cloth or fabric directly. 
     for the printed label, there can be some scrap every section, it's printed label defect. It is because rolling label printing machine's design priciple. if roller's circumference can't be devided by label length, there will be the scrap label. for conventional label cutting machine, there is the function to eliminate the scrap. Our CNC controlled ultrasonic label cuting machine can make any length label and can blow away the scrap label automaticly by compressed air. 

detail of ys-6300 ultrasonic label cutting machine

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