Automatic cut and Centre after end fold machine - YS-3400

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YS-3400 working range

parameters of ys-3400


1. For sure, this machine's key character is forcentre fold after end fold label.
2. Normally, It can be cutting and folding garment label materials such as woven / printed labels, like satin ribbon label, cloth tag and so on.
3. Normal cutting method can be hot or cold cut. Ultrasonic cutting is an optional. so that we can get better cutting edge.
4. It is suitable for end fold, center fold, dissymmetry fold, envelope fold, Center fold after end folding or piece cut.
5. The machine is with easier operation and has super performance. It is suitable especially for with soft labels.
6. Fast and smooth operate, speed adjustable is same like our other YS series, automatic label cut and fold machine.
7. The machine is with a photo electronic fault eliminator. So that it can reduce defective cutting and folding to the lowest possible.
8. We are using Panasonic mark tracer. This part is the key for accurate printed content tracing and cutting. It will make label cut and fold machine easier operate and dimension accurate.
9. Easy to change /adjust tooling will make convenience for operators.
10. While, this machine is with two step folding process. the machine is bigger than others. so we would like to suggest you to use our standard machines for normal label treatment.

11. We have exported machines many years. we have much experience foreign business. so you need not worry about other things, like training or installation. Normally we will delivery machines together with one U-disc. we will copy all machine operation videos and guide inside. When you get the machine, just follow video and guide. You will catch the machine. If you insist, we can arrange engineer to your side to help you setup the machine and give training for your operators.

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