Auto-Register Flat-bed Screen Printing machine - YS-3088

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  We developed the flat bed screen printing machine for higher precision label printing. Machine is with imported components like automatic mark tracer and high-tech electronic components control system. The color of image is very brilliant and has better color stableness.

1. Wide and effective printing area: our screen size is 600x300mm. We studied customer's and normal standard requirements on printing. normally this size is enough for garment label printing. one the other hand, we also can cover some other purpose.
2. Very friendly interface: Our machine controller is touch screen + PLC. we can preset label length, squeegee moving range, line speed, mark tracer, production counting and so on controller.
3. Each printing station can be separately controlled; so that we can print selected colors according to target label;
4. Safety sensor will assist operator during high speed production. If Any abnormal happen, the machine will stop and wait for user find and solve to restart again.
5. Each printing station is with separate heat-dryer. so we can make sure good printing result for the next stage. All the label will not stick each other even after rewind to roll.
6. One feeding belt will make sure each printing station work synchronously. and this will make printing accurate.
7. At end of machine, there is separate heat dryer.
8. Rewinding system has tension control. so that we can make label roll tight and even after screen printing machine.

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